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Sheryl's Tea Cozy

Sheryl's Tea Cozy

Sheryl’s Tea Cozy pdf format

Sheryl’s Tea Cozy – word document

Clare's Handspun Cozy

Clare's Handspun Cozy

Clare’s Handspun Cozy

Clare’s Handspun Cozy pdf

Goodness & Light

Goodness & Light

Goodness & Light

Goodness & Light – pdf version

Autumn Nuts and Berries Hot Water Bottle Cosy


5 responses

9 03 2012
A Cosy fit for an Avanti Tea Pot | Cosy Tea Blog

[…] pattern can be found on Kristy’s website, along with some more lovely free knitting patterns for hot water bottle covers and a hat […]

24 04 2012

Thank you great patterns

14 01 2013
Helene Irvine

Hello Sheryl,

I plan to make your tea cosy using ivory yarn for the main cosy and pink and green yarn for the flowers. I am intending this for an Eternal beau Tea pot so I am wanting to check with you first that this pattern would fit a tall pot that is not very round. Also, can you elaborate on your suggestions for alternative embellishments that you think might suit the Eternal beau (pink flowers with pink ribbons and green leaves)? many thanks

11 03 2013
Leila Caroline Designs

Hello Helen,
I apologise for the delay in replying to your post. I can confirm that the cozy suits a tall, narrow pot. As for embellishments, I think any type of knitted or crocheted flower would be fantastic in pink and green. There are some great ideas on this page:
Good luck with your knitting :))

10 03 2013

Wow you are so talented 🙂

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