Last minute Monica

24 08 2009

Sometimes snap decisons are not always the best ones.  Belinda made a snap decision to have a birthday party for Annabel, after assuring us all that it was family only this year.  Almost four year olds have special, guilt inducing, powers which can make us all make decison that we do not entirely understand.

So then, Friday night, I made a snap decision that Annabel needed a knitted something to go with her Ballerina Barbie.  (I know, I know, bad, non-feminist gift sending out terrible messages to young girls about body image, but Mr Potato Head doesn’t exactly send out a good message either and Annabel loves ballet, ballerinas, glass slippers, tiaras and cascading long blonde hair so I know she will love it).

I knew it would have to be something quick and simple as the time frame was pretty short so I chose “Monica” from Knitty.   I thought it would make a good tank top for over skivvies in a winter weight yarn.  I didn’t have any pink in my stash as I don’t normally go in for pink, but it would have been perfect for Annabel (she is definitely a pink girl).  Anyway, I chose Patons Soft Haze cream for the body and Moda Vera Believe olive green for the ruffle.  Both knit up well, and both were bargains from a Spotlight sale.

In the end I had the whole of Sunday to do the ruffle and straps so I ended up doing a feather and fan pattern for the ruffle to add a bit of interest and because I was quite sick of knitting miles and miles of stocking stitch.  I chose a k2tog X 4 yo K1 X4 instead of six, as six didn’t go into the number of ruffle stitches and it worked well.

I knit both the body and the ruffle in the round (and managed to twist the stitches on both – I am hopeless at this).  This is also the first time I have done yo using continental style.  I had to go back and have a look at the YouTube CraftSanity video, as I couldn’t figure it out but it was easy peasy after that. 

Monica from Knitty with variations

Monica from Knitty with variations

Feather and Fan detail

Feather and Fan detail




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