The Secret Show

19 08 2009

I have spent the last few weeks working on gifts.  First all the St Kilda gear for James, then some top secret gear for a swap on Ravelry and now my Mother In Laws Birthday Cardigan.

The speed of the continental style is really helping me churn through lots of projects.  I am so pleased that I gave it a go.  It’s really amazing how comfortable it feels for me, AND how extremely quick it is.  Thank you, thank you Penni and YouTube.

The swap projects are for a Bendigo Woolen Mills Forum Group swap on Ravelry.  I can only give a sneaky peeky and I can not say a word more about them.

entering the cone of silence

entering the cone of silence

more secret women's business

more secret women's business

Well, perhaps I could just tell you that it is knit with Bendigo Woollen Mills Boutique shade coffee.  One of their limited runs, a merino, B/L and mohair blend – lovely to knit with and soft next to the skin but a bit hazy on stitch definition.

Now, I have gone back to my Mother In Law’s birthday cardigan.  The 28 cm of pleats seemed to be neverending but I have finished the decreases and now onto stocking stitch section.  It is moving along nicely now, and I am looking forward to getting to dividing for the fronts and backs.  It only has short sleeves too so that bit should be nice and quick. 

I am knitting it in Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply cotton, shade New Ochre.  I am finding it very slippery and difficult to get even tension.  I am a bit disappointed with this aspect but hopefully it will block out a bit.


the entire enormous thing

the entire enormous thing

the pleats, decreased

the pleats, decreased




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