Feeling too lazy to post

9 07 2009
I have had THE MOST HIDEOUS  day at work, and I can’t even tell anyone about it, as it is subject to a confidentiality clause until January 2010.  Suffice it to say that my brain feels extremely sluggish so this post will most probably be brief, indecipherable and a bit tear stained.  I really need a bit of knitting therapy but I had to post a picture of my swap parcel which I received in the mail yesterday for the Bendigo Woollen Mills swap.
parcel of loveliness

parcel of loveliness

I was very spoilt, the mitts are knit from Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury in Leaf and they feel soft and very warm.  I love the buttons, especially the tiny, little green teapots.

I also finished my slippers from Interweave Knits Holiday 2008 edition.  I knit them from Bendigo Woollen Mills 12ply rustic in elm.  The colour is good but the yarn was a bit split in places which was disappointing.  I’ve not had this problem with Rustic before so I’m writing it off as a one off experience. 

toasty warm slippers and hairy winter legs

toasty warm slippers and hairy winter legs

I persevered with the continental knitting for the cable pattern.  In all other areas that I have been knitting the continental method is going very well, I am feeling really comfortable with it.  The speed is good, great even and the tension is getting better, but sl1 to cn, k2 then p1 from cn is tricky!!  Well just the purl one from cable needle bit anyway.  Still, I am nothing if not persistent (some may call it stubbborn, but I call them unkind).

Oh, and the swap package that I sent off, a face cloth from Mason Dixon knitting and a soap sack from Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton (Bendigo is really stealing the post today!!).  Filled with ginger and cardamom soap from Beauty and the Bees.

my swap pressie

my swap pressie

Right, that’s it for today, some mindless K12 P6 knitting on my cardigan is just the therapy I need.




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