Steve’s Sweater Alternative

18 06 2009

I don’t think that I have the commitment required to knit a sweater of a size that would fit Steve, so he just has to settle for socks and beanies. 

I just finished these William Street socks for him last night:

William Street Socks

William Street Socks

They were knit toe up two at a time.  This is the first time I have knit toe up and I really love that you don’t have to worry about running out of yarn and that you can use up every little bit of yarn so that you don’t have the odd 10g hanging around, filling up stash space.

Also my first time for Turkish Cast on.  I downloaded a tutorial from goodness knows where ages ago and it went pretty smoothly.  I used my second attempt and it looks easily as good as my several hundredth attempt at kitchener stitch.  And my first time for a short row heel, no picking up stitches around the heel – hooray.  I was worried that the heel wouldn’t sit as it should without a gusset but it fits nicely around his ankle.

I knit the socks with Grinasco Tango which was lovely to work with.  Tweedy and slubby and very soft.  The downside is that it is handwash – not so good for socks.  Hopefully they will go ok in the handwash cycle of the washing machine.

The pattern was William Street socks from Knitting Daily Free Patterns and was an easy to follow three strand, woven cable pattern.  The dense cabling makes the sock thick and warm and very cushy.  I think Steve will like them.  Here is a (bit blurry) close up of the cable pattern:





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