Nothing much in knitting news….

4 06 2009

I have a couple of FOs that I have yet to photograph, so not much to report this week.

I have designed a hot water bottle cozy for Ryan’s birthday which I am quite pleased with.  I haven’t photographed it yet, or written up the pattern so I am really falling down on the job.  I have written up the pattern for Goodness and Light but have yet to publish it.  It is coming…..

I have also knit Ryan a small pouch to keep action figures in for his birthday.  It is also my own pattern but I don’t think I will bother publishing it as anyone could figure it out just by looking at it really.  This also needs to be photographed.  I was going to do the photography today but misty rain has set in and the light is terrible.  I will have to do something about it soon though as I will have to give them to Ryan on Tuesday.

Also finished some secret squirrel business for a swap in the Ravelry Bendigo Woollen Mill users group which must remain hush hush for about three more weeks.  If only the cone of silence worked on the net….

Apart from that, only two pairs of socks on the needles.  One for Anthony and one for Steve.  Not really inspired by either of them but I don’t want my UFOs to blow out again so I am trying really hard to stick to them.




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