Two FOs in one day….

5 05 2009

Yesterday was a good knitting day.  I ended up with two finished objects in one day… it feels like the planets are all in alignment and things are right with the world (if we ignore global warming, peak oil, abject third world poverty, etcetera etcetera).

The first one to come off the needles was an Irish Hiking Scarf knit with a skein of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride in the most gorgeous shade of green.  I received the skein in a magic yarn ball swap and it was full of lovely little treasures, buttons, beads, stitch markers and an amazing little pink fairy who looks like she belongs in an exotic cocktail.

The yarn is lovely and soft and a little bit slubby.  I enjoyed knitting with it, and, although it is a little bit sheddy, it is definitely worth it for the softness of the fabric.  I knit it on 5.00mm but probably could have gone up one or even two sizes as the fabric is quite dense.  I only had one skein so it is a short scarf and I would definitely like to make myself a nice long version one of these days…

The scarf and all it's hidden treasures

The scarf and all it's hidden treasures

Next up came off the hook rather than off the needles.  This is the first time I have crocheted a garment, unless you count a granny square poncho that I crocheted for myself in High School, which I don’t, obviously that whole era of fashion is best forgotten about completely. 

I found the shaping instructions very confusing, and constantly ended up with less stitches than I was supposed to.  However, luckily for the novice, crochet seems to be extremely forgiving and I just kind of freeformed, the sleeves especially, until they resembled the shape of the piece I was looking for, and, voila, it fit.  It is crocheted with Bendigo Woollen Mills cotton on a 4.00mm hook and looks really nice on Elise.  I wish I had taken a photo but this afternoon went by in a blur so here is one without the model inside…

A first attempt at crochet

A first attempt at crochet

Crochet grows so quickly, it was all over before I knew it, a nice change from knitting, but never going to become my passion I don’t think.




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