There is only one word to describe brown…

5 04 2009

…and that is, well, brown, really.

brown, yes, brown suri alpaca yarn

brown, yes, brown suri alpaca yarn

beautiful but brown fibre

beautiful but brown fibre

This is my first attempt at “natural” dying.  I read an article, which inspired me, in Yarn magazine around 6 months ago which described the method and colours obtained from dying with eucalyptus.  The colours were absolutely to die for, golds, umbers, ochres and greens (not a brown in sight, I can assure you).

Anyway I finally got around to giving it a try this weekend.  I collected 200 grams of eucalyptus leaves from young trees at the front of the property to dye about 100g of 100% suri alpaca commercially spun, unbleached, undyed yarn. 

Everything was going swimmingly.  I soaked the leaves overnight and then boiled them for a couple of hours the next day.  The colour of the resulting dye liquid looked gorgeous, kind of a rich amber.  I treated the yarn with alum and popped it in. 

Everything went downhill from there, unfortunately, I have tried different terms in my head to describe the resulting colour.  Fawn, beige, caramel but I think I will have to stick with, well, brown….




One response

4 12 2009

🙂 Alpaca generally gives pastel shades when I dye it too, maybe you would have had better luck with merino? But after the disappointment I doubt you’re excited to try again!

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