The Alpaca Breeder’s Show

22 03 2009

According to the Wall Street Journal, alpacas are a solid investment, which I suppose is a good enough reason to like them on it’s own.  It does help that they are incredibly cute creatures with a fine fleece in the most beautiful organic colours – over 20 apparently.

Elise and I attended the Alpaca Breeders Association exhibition at Ranelagh Showgrounds today.  The breeders were approachable and more than willing to spend time chatting about their herds.

Briony Cairn of Bruny View Estate ( showed us her fine caramel and rose grey fleece from this year off her prize winning Huacaya alpacas.

Bruny View Estate Huacayas

Bruny View Huacayas

Chakaya Alpaca stud of Glen Huon were showing their beautiful little Suris.  I have knit with their yarn in the past and the garments exhibit the most beautiful drape.  The yarn is 100% suri alpaca and it is like knitting with spun cloud.  I have a small amount of yarn left over from a previous project which I am keen to dye up for a feature edging using eucalyptus (a subject for a future post).  The only drawback with the suri fleece is the amount of shedding.  I have never seen a yarn shed quite so much – my project bag was black and it, in particular, collected a thick layer of cream fibre by the end of the project.  After washing a couple of times for blocking purposes it did seem to shed less. 

The Chakaya Suris

The Chakaya Suris

My absolute favourite was the blue black herd of Mossvale Alpacas run by Helen and Mark Jessop (   The fleece and commercially spun yarn were magnificent and they have some beautiful animals for sale.  We are seriously considering it…….

The Mossvale Blue Blacks

The Mossvale Blue Blacks


There were animals, fleece, yarn and garments available for sale but I was strong and resisted – I am sticking to a very strict yarn diet at the moment.  As soon as there is some space in my stash the first thing to fill it will be some of that blue black Huacaya – something to look forward to.

We did splash out on the CWA morning tea…..

scones and home made raspberry jam - yummy

scones and home made raspberry jam - yummy

….Elis’es favourite part!!




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5 04 2009

Wonderful photos of the alpacas! They are totally adorable and my favorite fiber creatures as well. Alpaca is my absolute favorite fiber to spin and knit with, although I’ve mostly used huyaca fiber. I’m trying out some suri right now, but it’s definitely a learning experience.

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